How to Add contacts to BlueStacks

Well this is the second step to getting WhatsApp to work on your PC. Now that you have installed WhatsApp using BlueStacks you will notice you do not have any contacts in your whatsapp. Well alas this method takes some time but it is well worth it.If you missed it here is a guide to install whatsapp on PC using BlueStacks.

Here is a video of this

Lets Start adding contacts to BlueStacks for WhatsApp to work.

  • Open BlueStacks
  • Have a look at the icons and see if “Go Contacts” is installed – if not type “Go Contacts” in the search field as we did here.

Searching for Go Contacts

  • Click on the icon “Go Contacts”
  • Go Contacts will now install.
  • On your BlueStacks “Desktop” Click on “Go Contacts”
  • Click on the Menu item (bottom arrow) and then on “Add Contacts”

Adding Contacts for WhatsApp using BlueStacks

  • A New screen will appea
  • Fill in the Name and Surname of your contact.
  • Click on the “HOME” button on your contacts and change it to mobile.

Adding a Contact to Go Contacs and BlueStacks

  • Remember to add your contacts in international format
  • +country code then the number e.g. +11 55 555 5555
  • You have now successfully added a contact.
  • Repeat these steps to add more contacts for proof of whatsapp working on a windows PC here is our screenshot messeging a friend.

WhatsApp working on a PC Proof

We hope you get this working to  add contacts to bluestack and GO Contacts. Feel free to leave a message. We will try and reply to them.

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