You have by now downloaded all the software required to run WhatsApp Messenger on your personal computer running a windows operating system. For Apple Mac users check out this site dealing with WhatsApp Messenger and installing it on Apple Mac Probooks and Apple mac pro.

Now we will finalize the installation of WhatsApp Messenger and then to verify your phone number. if it is possible use a different phone number. You cannot use the same number on your mobile phone and on your computer running whatsapp.

Step 2 A: Installing and Configuring the WhatsApp Messenger software for your PC.

Install Icons Screen

The status will then be “INSTALLED” you have installed whatsapp on your PC via the blue stacks app player.

 Step 2 B:  Verify the WhatsApp Software on your PC using text or phone verification method.

  • Now if you have installed WhatsApp previously you will know the installation instructions that follow. If not it is simple enough.
  • Agree to the Ts & Cs.
    Installing WhatsApp on PC using  BlueStacks Screenshot
  • Enter your country code and then your mobile number. if it asks you for a phone verification or a text message, select “TEXT MESSAGE”. with your code. You may select phone verification if this method fails.
  • This does take a long while so please be patient.
    Enter Your Number and country code


  •  This text message had your verification or activation code in it. WhatsApp will ask you for this code. Enter it to activate WhatsApp on your PC.
  • Verify WhatsApp Pin Number That was sent


  • WhatsApp is now Installed on your PC.
    Finally WhatsApp PC Installed

If you had WhatsApp on your mobile phone it will no longer work, it will give you a verification error. Should you click on verify again, then your installation of WhatsApp for your PC won’t work.


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You will need to add contacts manually and remember to add them in international format. You can if you want to activate and deactivate from your phone to PC and vice versa, but don’t complain if it stops working. Not that I think it should. How does WhatsApp know if you have an android phone and another type of phone?

Here is a guide to add contacts to WhatsApp for personal computers using BlueStacks.

We hope this method works for you as it did for us, we are unsure how long this method of WhatsApp for PC will work. Hey if you have an iPad check out WhatsApp for your iPad here

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