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WhatsApp PC Download Win 7 / 8 / XP


Here is how you download WhatsApp for PC Safe and Free. We have had visitors being clever and downloading software from torrent sites. DO NOT download software from torrent sites. Please use the download links provided in this webpage. They are 100% safe and FREE to download whatsapp for PC.

You by now know all about the features of WhatsApp Messenger  and you want WhatsApp on your Personal Computer. Now here is how you can download the applications for WhatsApp for PC running 100% with no issues. You must also know this guide or the other one is not authorized by WhatsApp inc this means Whatsapp PC platform is not  officially supported. Our guide is Also 100% unique and updated. We revisit all the download links and tweak everything on this website as soon as we find new and better ways to download WhatsApp onto your computer.


What will you need to Download WhatsApp for your Personal Computer?

Step 1: Download and Install BlueStacks App Player. - This is an android smartphone emulator. This means it “copies” the way a Android based Smaprtphone works.

Now follow the onscreen instructions. Its as easy as that.


WhatsApp is now downloaded to your computer. Now lets .

WhatsApp PC Download Allows Free Text Messaging Via Computer


For those who cannot install WhatsApp messenger on their existing mobile phones or tablet, WhatsApp PC download and installation is possible in order to use the application. Many people are unaware that WhatsApp messenger can be installed on a Windows computer and used the same way as mobile phones. All that is needed is a strong internet connection in order to make use of its features.

What is WhatsApp and its benefits to the users?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that is used by many people to send and receive SMS and multimedia messages absolutely free of charge. It is usually installed in smartphones.

WhatsApp messenger is a cross-platform messaging service. It is called cross-platform because it can be installed in compatible mobile phones such as Nokia, Blackberry, Android, Windows phone and iPhone. It can send and received SMS and multimedia messages even when using different phones and operating systems. It can also be installed in PC, however, it is not compatible in most tablet PCs such as the iPad. But because there are a lot of resourceful tech savvy people around the world, installing WhatsApp on tablets is now made possible. There are a lot of installation procedures that are shared by people online, simply follow their instructions.

Using WhatsApp on a computer

WhatsApp messenger can also be used by people who do not own a smartphone. WhatsApp PC download and installation can be done on any Windows computer. There are just a few prerequisite programs to be downloaded.

First of all, the WhatsApp messenger needs to be downloaded from their official website, While the messaging service is free, the download of the application is not. But the download is so affordable, you won’t even think twice. It is less than one dollar and download is fast and easy. The cost of download is nothing compared to the huge amount of savings on phone bills once the application is installed.

The next requirement is an Android emulator. This is normally a paid application but just search online for free downloads. It is usually available. Lastly, one still needs to have a working mobile phone, but only for registration and verification purposes. The verification code will be sent to the phone number via text messages or phone call. The code will be needed in order to register an account with WhatsApp. The registered phone number will be configured with the PC. Sending text messages and adding contacts can be done the same way as you would on the mobile phone.

WhatsApp PC download is fast and easy and there’s no need to get a professional to install it. Simply browse online for installation instructions and be on your way to freeing yourself of high phone bills.