Microsoft is making headway on its new operating system, Windows 8. With the recent developments in various Operating systems around the world, people are hardly talking about Microsoft. It is therefore understandable that the company is going all out with its new operating system. Before its release, there have been speculations that Microsoft’s Windows 8 is only going to be enjoyable on touch screen computers. We were not too sure about how true this is but now, with Hewlett Packard’s revelation of their new PC range, we are definitely sure.

Windows 8, like all its predecessors was designed by Microsoft for use mainly on Personal Computers, laptops and with the new surge in the market, tablets. The development of the system started after its predecessor was released in 2009 and it took three long years for Microsoft to develop and test the system and finally, last month, Microsoft released it from the development phase to the manufacturing phase, creating a buzz in the market.

There have been revelations that Windows 8 is the biggest change in Microsoft’s operating system since as far back as 1995. It is said to introduce a new graphical interface and a brand new start screen that replaces the old and boring start menu. Better still, it has been said that the new Windows 8 will have a new online store where apps can be purchased for your personal computer. There is also said to be an in-built anti-virus system.

With the new developments in the operating system, one can tell that it will not be as easy to simply upgrade your old operating system to the new one. It is more likely that the new generation of PCs will be the ones fully equipped with this operating system.

It has been revealed that the popular PC Company Hewlett Packard, popularly referred to as HP is releasing Windows 8- friendly touch PCs; the Envy, SpectreOne and also the refreshed Pavilion lines are going to be a part of this revolution.

It was said that Hewlett Packard was rather reluctant to become part of this revolution but tnow, they are fully behind the new touch-friendly version of Windows. The windows 8 operating system has the ability to sense touch and recognize input from ten fingers at once. At this point we know companies like bluestack will be releasing a Windows 8 version. The need to stay ahead of the game. this means what WhatsApp for Windows 8 will be available then. The method of getting whatsapp to work on a pc described here, will be the same. The Envy series which currently consist of the Envy 20 and Envy 23 will be touch-smart PCs that will take full advantage of this touch-sensitive function of the new Windows 8. The new PCS also have amazing features like terabytes of storage capacity, the famous HP Beats Audio, High Definition webcams and HP connected music.

The SpectreOne PC is another new PC that will be built based on the Windows 8 operating system. This PC is said to have a full glass high definition screen that will allow users to imitate many touch functions as they would on an iPad.


No one knows why Microsoft decided to introduce a touch-interactive operating system and we can’t be too sure if everyone will enjoy using it. We will just have to wait and see what happens with the release of the new HP PCs. We know HP’s loyal customers are bound to rush for these new products!